Huck-It Long Beach!!!


Huck-it Long Beach is Back! Tell a friend (or 100)!

JULY 1/2!

We pushed Huck-It back a bit this year to try to avoid as many tournaments as possible. (Potlatch-ers … we’ll miss you!)

For those that are new to the scene, here’s an overview of Long Beach’s annual beach extravaganza:

• 16 Coed Teams
• 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate
• Ultimate Fun on the Sand in July!
• Good weather, better spirit, best people!

The Tournament Includes:

• 2 Full Days of Beach Ultimate
• Party (w/ food and booze) Saturday following games
• Tantalizing tournament snacks and water



Party details and other specifics will roll out as we approach the tourney, but now’s the time to start gathering your posse of players and registering teams.

To register a team, simply email Dan at  ncrwhale (at) gmail (dot) com. Bids are $250 with no roster limit.

As always, Huck-It looks to combine the perfect mix of talent, competitive play, energy, spirit, good looks and tans – all the things a beach tournament is primed to provide.

Check Out the Tournament Details page for specific up to date information.