Huck-It Long Beach!!!


Huck-it Long Beach is Back! Tell a friend (or 100)!

JULY 1/2!

We pushed Huck-It back a bit this year to try to avoid as many tournaments as possible. (Potlatch-ers … we’ll miss you!)

For those that are new to the scene, here’s an overview of Long Beach’s annual beach extravaganza:

• 16 Coed Teams
• 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate
• Ultimate Fun on the Sand in July!
• Good weather, better spirit, best people!

The Tournament Includes:

• 2 Full Days of Beach Ultimate
• Party (w/ food and booze) Saturday following games
• Tantalizing tournament snacks and water



Party details and other specifics will roll out as we approach the tourney, but now’s the time to start gathering your posse of players and registering teams.

To register a team, simply email Dan at  ncrwhale (at) gmail (dot) com. Bids are $250 with no roster limit.

As always, Huck-It looks to combine the perfect mix of talent, competitive play, energy, spirit, good looks and tans – all the things a beach tournament is primed to provide.

Check Out the Tournament Details page for specific up to date information.







7 comments to Huck-It Long Beach!!!

  • Trent

    My name is Trent Simmons and I am an ultimate player from Durango, CO who is trying to start a new career as a professional tournament organizer. My good friend Brian Bogle, who claims he started Huck-It Long Beach several years ago (unless I misinterpreted) suggested I find out if anybody is running it this year. I am planning several other tournaments in CA this season, have that weekend free, and would be willing to run it. But if last year’s td, or somebody else is already doing it, I’m not trying to take over; just putting a feeler out there. Thanks


  • Nicole

    What is the registration fee?

  • Goat

    Looking for a few extra women to play on my team. We’re a decent bunch, looking to have fun for the weekend and play hard.
    You can reach me at LABeachUltimate at Gmail dot com

  • stone


    I’m looking for a team if there are any teams that need guys let me know.


  • Jayfro

    Hi All,

    We are a San Diego team looking for 2 San Diego Women to join our team. We are planning on having 2-3 practices before the tournament. This is our first tournament as a team, but we have some really talented players, with great athletic ability. Very friendly bunch of players!! Please email if interested. Jayfro at Gmail dot com

  • Tyler

    Hey, I know it’s a bit late; but any teams looking for another player? New to town, been playing ultimate for 8 years now, and looking to play more beach ultimate. You can reach me at tek1987 at gmail dot com.


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